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Andromeda by WillWorks

This is a fine piece of work. The deep color palette is one of the most striking, and it evokes a sense of adventure. It reminds me of ...


Fly Away With Me

Pretty Traveler Janet walking through the airport changing flights. Janet loves to travel and she looks so happy and free. She wants you to come with her :heart: Janet is ©Vision, Visionoftheworld

Hebburn New Town- Pretty Shopper by VISIONOFTHEWORLD
Hebburn New Town- Pretty Shopper

Janet pats through the shopping centre on a quiet evening when the sun is setting. Windows are open in the blocks and people having dinner, voices all around.  Some of the shops are closed, she’s a fashion shopper so she needs to find a place to look around. This shopping centre is in Hebburn (suburb of Newcastle) and still looks the same- but most of the apartment blocks were demolished. Today it is all being redeveloped again, the four-storey brick blocks are being replaced by equally ugly rows of houses with mostly the same color schemes. The shopping center itself is really cute and its integration to the housing made it an appealing place for Janet to visit.


Another piece of American Modern Art is doomed to destruction at the hands of our credit-corrupted corporate developer culture.…

This building is one of the few pieces of modern architecture in America that can dazzle Europeans and feature in their architectural magazines and books. I have seen photos of it beside masterpieces by Le Corbusier. Incredibly it is not even the only building by the architect John Johansen to gain international prestige. It continues to attract art photographers from all over the world- and locally as well. Along with Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower, it is among Okahoma City's most famous modern buildings. So why the FUCK are they going to destroy it?!?

Why else. OKC is a very conservative city, and there has never been shortage of seething resentment against this idiosyncratic brutalist structure since the day it opened. The promise of a 20-floor skyscraper is simply a pretext to tear down the Stage Center- in all likelihood there will be no 20-floor condo tower for many years to come- if ever at all. Such a thing could be built almost anywhere in this flat wide open city! It seems to me the city just wanted to write off a public building from their expenses, to erase all that it represents being from the civic-minded swinging 60s, being a public space for the arts. What better thing to stomp on the arts with than what will certainly be an ugly, wonky shaped new-urbanist glass prism with cheap aluminum accents and built by this Rainey guy's development firm, by illegals. It will be a hideous monstrosity that rises high above everything around it as a reminder to the entire city that design ought to be as superficial, undignified and unavoidable as possible. The Stage Center can be called ugly and argumentative to, from those who don't like it- but at least it FITS ITS SURROUNDINGS being a playful colorful building located in a park, below the trees, of the appropriate size and evoking an abstract arty image for the group it was meant to serve. Nevertheless, despite what the locals may desire and no matter how much funding (backed by credit) a property developer can throw on the table, a building like Stage Center is not just the property of a city government when it has graced the covers of international publications and is known throughout the world by the art and design communities, photographers and enthusiasts the world over. It is a piece of American Modern Art, it belongs to our country's history and culture. It is my building just as much as it is Oklahoma's. And I am deeply offended, and enraged, that such a thing is being stolen from my country by pigs. Let's hope I can, like a number of people commenting on the article, rush over there to get a look at it and some pictures before it is buried by a throwaway society with no self-image.  Shame, Oklahoma City, shame.

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  • Reading: The Fall of Rome: And the end of civilization


Everybody's Architect
United States
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Ant1-Her0-Project Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Environments are definitely your strong suit. Nice work.
anarchintheuke Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Professional Artist
you have a really great gallery, wow :+devwatch:
Jeysie Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Had to laugh at this comment of yours: [link]

I love when people whine that I never admit I'm wrong. Since it's like, even if that's true, it's also true of almost every single other person on the forum, including more often than not the person complaining to/about me. It's like, suck it up, little baby. I'm not the one starting whiny threads about everyone who does it to me.
VISIONOFTHEWORLD Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
Well that is exactly my point... people who are insecure and often wrong love to complain that nobody admits, or demand that they admit to- being 'wrong'. It is funny and was meant as a joke, not that I expect anyone else to realize how ridiculous they sound :D
Jeysie Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
The whole thread is kind of amusing, really. Full of teens and youngsters who think they're owed respect and ass-kissing just for existing, then acting like assholes, idiots, and/or immature and complaining/trolling when people treat them as being assholes, idiots, and/or immature instead of coddling their shit.

Basically, brats with major entitlement complexes whining that they're not getting what they think they're entitled to.

The "ageism" complaint is what really clued me in. Oh noes, teenagers who are too young to have enough life-experience to know what they're talking about, being told that. I'M A BIG MEANIE. :lol: Everyone knows that a 17-year-old knows as much as all the adults do. Yeah, I thought that way too when I was 17, and rightly got the ego smacked out of me for it by adults who actually did know better than I did. I didn't act like a whiny shit about getting my ego popped, either.
ArtIsLife88 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you for the fave of my 'Artemis and her nymphs' drawing :D
VISIONOFTHEWORLD Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
You are most welcome, for that. I love that drawing it is really good. The expression of the lady on the left is amazing. I can't make an effective comment to do it justice it is just very good work :heart:
M-J-Gagne Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for :+devwatch:
meus-dilingo Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012   Traditional Artist
Hi! Just dropping by to say you have a great gallery and a very definitive style :) keep up the great work!!
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